Tetriis 1.0 beta 1

février 17th, 2008 by Sylfurd

Here is my new project: Tetriis !

I bet you’ve gessed, it’s a tetris game, but whith the particularity of being playable with
a Wii Remote. The main goal of this project is to illustrate my libraries of OpenGL accelerated graphical interface and of Wiimote’s interface, and to check if my idea of tetris gameplay with a Wiimote is interesting or not.
The priorities of this project are to make a multiplatform game, with relatively clean graphics, smooth animation and mainly a top notch gameplay, with a wiimote or with a keyboard ( at first i made this game for me so I have to enjoy playing it :D )

Here are the main specifications of Tetriis:
- OpenGL acclerated 2D vectorial graphics, for smooth animation and scalable graphics
- Playable with Wiimote or keyboard
- Fast and precise gameplay
- Multiplateform

What about Wiimote gameplay ? First the Wiimote must be hold in the “NES controller” manner, D-Pad in the left hand, 1 & 2 buttons in the right one, just like that:

tetriis animation

Tilt the Wiimote to tilt the falling block with the same angle, to fully turn the block, you have to fully turn the Wiimote ! The D-Pad is to move the block left and right, 1 et 2 buttons allows you to accelerate the fall.

Here are the download links to the binaries:

Tetris 1.0 beta 1 for Linux ( need the bluetooth, cwiid and glut package )

Tetris 1.0 beta 1 for Windows ( no Wiimote functionnality in this first version )

Being a beta version, it’s fully playable and enjoyable but it probably contains some bugs. If you meet one of them, please, tell me in the comments of this article or on my mail! It will greatly help me to get rid of them :)

I’ll publish the sources and a .deb package when I’ll manage to use autoconf/automake. The Windows version will have Wiimote support in a (the ? ) next version, when I’ll learn how to use the different C++ Wiimote libraries for Windows.

What next with Tetriis ?

- Less bugs :D
- Wiimote support for Windows
- ( Online ? ) Hall of Fame
- Configuration options
- Graphical make over

It’s all for this article, thanx for leaving C&Cs, and stay tuned for the next version :)

Have Fun !

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4 commentaires

  1. ferpi Says:

    Hey i’m working in linux with the wiimote and if your source code is “free” maybe could be possilbe to lend it me?

  2. Sylfurd Says:

    I promise to clean the code this week and to share it on this website this week end !

    Stay tuned !

  3. David Says:

    I’ve been testing your game on linux with a wiimote and I enjoy it ^^ But I think that wiimote accelerometer could be less sensible because it’s very hard to be precise when I want to turn objects.

    Thank you for rest

  4. Sylfurd Says:

    It’s 1:1 movements :P if you tilt the wiimote at 90°,the tetromino should be tilted at 90° :D I think it’s the more natural way to play tetris with the wiimote :)

    don’t you think ?